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Ormond Beach Escape

Let’s dive into some history and the best-known historical landmark in the state, Ormond Beach, Florida. We are going to be splashing our way around this southerly neighborhood found on Florida’s east coast. In fact, some of the first automobile races were held on nothing but compacted sand! We are eager to share with you the beautiful city, Ormond Beach, that makes our hearts skip a beat at the thought of exciting adventures found only there.


.Ormond Beach visitors can also enjoy a variety of cultural and recreational events offered throughout the year – and the pleasures of its historic downtown along Granada Boulevard.  One of the town’s earliest settlers was millionaire John. D. Rockefeller, and Ormond Beach still provides visitors with elegant relaxation though, now, it also allows easy access to busier nearby destinations such as next-door neighbor Daytona Beach or, just more than an hour away, Orlando. 

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