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“Coming from a strong business background, growing up I did not have much family time. My dad was always focused on his work and my mother worked hard to take care of me. The family was there but the bond, not as much”, shares Jai Jahid, CEO of My Florida Getaway. After 20 years in the travel and marketing business, founder, Jai Jahid, decided to make family bonding time top priority in his life. He wanted to establish a way to help families not just share memorable moments together, but also, unite them and help them create a closer bond.  That’s when My Florida Getaway went from an idea to a life changing experience. Vacations are important for anyone and everyone including families. At My Florida Getaway, we didn’t just build a team but created a family. Together, we have established opportunities that will help make memorable moments and a stronger bond for families in a hassle free, enjoyable, convenient and affordable way. We believe a family that vacations together stays together. Our mission is to turn our customers into raving fan of My Florida Getaway!


My Florida Getaway, Where Family Matters.


“Being a company of  people and for people, my commitment is to ensure and provide services with the highest quality standards and maintaining the reliability and loyalty of our customers. Our interest is that the families make us their ally for the best vacations of their life’s.”

Monica Gomez

We strive to provide the best service in the industry and we would love to hear your story. We want to share the success stories. We also want to hear when there are areas of improvement. That can only happen if you help us. Please leave your comments They are important to us.

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